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De-Clutter Services

As with everything Purely Peppermint offers, we are able to help create the perfect solution to your specific needs.

The following services are just a few of the potential ways you can conquer your clutter, reduce stress and achieve further success.

Office organisingBasic de-cluttering: Is the clutter taking over your house one room at a time? We are able sort your whole property or deal with the most troubled areas like the wardrobe, loft, or garage. Any space that needs a bit of attention will be dealt with and organised.

Office organising: Whether your office is in the middle of town or in your home, we can sort it. Purely Peppermint is an expert of the home office. Once clutter free and your organising system is put in place, you will be able to focus on running an efficient and successful business.

Project management: Do you need to make the company's flexible home working policy a success? You will receive professional guidance, assistance and leadership. Starting from investigating the current policy, if it is working and how it is implemented, to introducing the changes necessary that will allow your employees to be more productive and happy in their jobs.

Training: This is a great way to learn about de-cluttering and organising in a fun energetic environment. It can be with a group of friends, personal development training with work or an entertaining time at a charity event.

Internal clutter: Do you hold onto your worries, have less than ideal time management and struggle with boundaries. Purely Peppermint will be able to help you clear out any unwanted clutter in your mind and heart, leaving a fresh uplifting feeling.

Wardrobe: Is your wardrobe bursting but you still can't find anything to wear? Let's work through what you have in your wardrobe getting rid of anything that, you don't like, doesn't fit, and is damaged. This will allow you to enjoy the clothing you love and learn about what you would look great in.

De-Clutter kick start: For the most time efficient start to conquering clutter, Purely Peppermint offers one to one telephone consultations. Email Purely Peppermint a photo of the problem area and we will spend the session focusing on finding ideal solutions. These solutions can then be implemented at your convenience.

Selling your home: It is the best time to have a serious clear out and de clutter so that you don't pack and move what you don't need. To improve the desirability of your house you need to take advantage of Purely Peppermint's Property Styling service and show your house in its best possible light.

Unpacking service: Are you unable to take anymore time off work or just can't face unpacking in your new home. Let Purely Peppermint deal with the stress and hassle. We will unpack and set up your possessions in the most practical way with the best use of your space.

Clutter crack down: This is a rapid high energy blitz on your clutter. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing because we will be working hard and clearing out immediately. It is important that you are in the right frame of mind for a clutter crack down. There be no time to sit around and debate whether to keep an item or not.

Several packages are available and each will be designed specifically to your needs. The basic package starts from £120.00

We are based in London. For any of our personal, hands-on de-cluttering services or our training and presenting services, we are able to easily cover the South East.

Telephone consultations are conducted worldwide. Purely Peppermint is able to travel to where any of our services are needed, although if the event takes place outside our standard area then travel costs will be charged accordingly.

Contact Purely Peppermint to discuss any of your clutter needs.