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De-Cluttering is a liberating experience

You have had that benefit, now it is time for others to benefit from your unwanted items.


There are numerous charity shops that would love the clutter you no longer need. Here is a list of just a few:

Help and advice about going greenCancer Research UK

This website allows you to find your nearest shop and tells you a bit about what they would like you to donate.

British Heart Foundation

The BHF have over 500 shops in the UK and on the helping & giving page you can find out about what they accept and your nearest shop.


On the recycle for Oxfam page there are all sorts of information on ways you can recycle, from your clothing to your printer toner cartridges, plus the facility to find your nearest Oxfam shop.

Association of Charity Shops

This website allows you to find your nearest charity shop which could be affiliated with any organisation.


You have taken all your unwanted clothes, crockery and trinkets to a charity shop. Now you could be left with items that cannot be sold but may be able to be recycled like paper, plastic, glass and tin.

Have a look at

On this website you can put in your postal code and it will inform you about recycling in your area.

Another good website is

There are mountains of slightly out of date PC, so deal with your unwanted computer in a responsible way by donating it to They repair and donate the computers to charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Quite often your local supermarket will have a recycling station set up in the car park. This is a very convenient location, so next time you are shopping have a look.

Selling items

There are several avenues for selling what you no longer need or use, including the following:

Car boot sales

Have a look at the website for a list of car boot sales in your area. Remember you are there to sell your unwanted items, not buy more!


This website will let you sell just about anything. As with a car boot sale remember not to buy more clutter


Have a look at their websites for information on how to go about selling your unwanted items.

If you need further help and advice about going green then feel free to contact us